Buddhist Film       



Friday 4th November

7.30 pm


at The White House, Norwich


What Remains of Us


Donations welcome for the elderly people of the

Five Blessings Nursing Home in Yushu,  Eastern Tibet.



Campbell Purton    purtonc@hotmail.com

01502 712988




Documentary.  A young Tibetan from Canada enters her homeland for the first time carrying a clandestine video message from the Dalai Lama to Tibetans inside Tibet.  With their permission, she records their reactions to the video.  Released in 2004, the film raised controversy for showing the faces of 103 Tibetans speaking about human rights.

Hoping to enhance individual safety as much as possible, the National Film Board of Canada implemented strict security measures to all screenings of the film: no cameras or mobile phones were allowed in the cinema and security guards were watching the audience with infrared night-vision equipment. The goal was to prevent copies of the images of the faces to reach Beijing PLA offices, where photos would make it easier to track and arrest participants.

For four years circulation was limited, but in 2008 a decision was made to release the film more widely. By 2011, the film was available on Google Video and YouTube, as well as distributed as a DVD. So far, according to a private network of information and monitoring, no participant of the film has been arrested in Tibet.